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Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd. innovates management and improves efficiency

Published Time:2020-08-24    Click:1291    Resource:Original

Under various external challenges faced by jute industry,Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd. did not compromise. Instead, it did its best to do its best, make full use of its strengths and avoid its weaknesses, create opportunities, break through the bottleneck of industrial development, and contribute to the orderly development of the industry.

"Although we have developed in the past, it is only the result of extensive development, which is still far from the requirements of the times. In today's era of fierce market competition, we are still on the cusp of perils. We are always on the brink of danger. We must face the market and competition with the spirit of not giving up and abandoning. " Chen Pingnan, general manager of Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd. as a backbone jute enterprise, said modestly.

Carrying out target contract responsibility system

Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd.  has established an enterprise e-commerce website to open up domestic and foreign markets. Last year, the company's online sales of products reached more than 2000 tons. In addition, in order to remain invincible in the market competition, the leadership of Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd. headed by Chen Pingnan, boldly innovated the internal management of the enterprise and achieved good results.

"First of all, we implement the target contracting responsibility system, implement the independent management mode of risk mortgage of branch companies, implement the target responsibility to teams and individuals, integrate internal and external resources, reduce employment, and strictly control costs. After the implementation of the target contract responsibility system, the cost per ton of products is saved by 300 yuan, and the labor efficiency and economic benefits are improved Chen Pingnan told reporters.

Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd.has actively changed its business ideas, established an internal market operation mechanism, and deeply integrated with the external market, thus forming an organic whole of the daily production, operation and management of the enterprise.

"First of all, we implement the business layout of five major economic entities. All economic entities are required to take the market and themselves as the starting point of operation, innovate marketing methods, innovate business ideas and modes, establish internal market sales relations, and make overall plans

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