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XIANG NAN JUTE &SISAL PRODUCTS  LTD. lies in the northern suburb of Chenzhou city, Hunan Province. The factory occupies convenient geographical position, next to No.107 National Highway, 2 kms away from northern of Chenzhou freight railway station, which is on the railway of Beijing-Guangzhou---the vital line of China communications and the transportation.
The factory covers 121,400 square meters with 1,030 staffs and workers , including 132 high-technical personnel ,and having total property of
103,800,000 of the same trade .Besides, the jute products in the factory comes up to 10,000 tons every year , and the sisal products is 1,000 tons .The factory is the first in the Hunan province and has popular reputation in China in scale , possessing a satisfactory variety of production facilities , a  perfected set of check measures and high-tech personnel . Now the factory has become multiple-producing factory, mainly producing jute products.

Through technological innovation, management innovation, item exploitation, products development and marketing-expand, the factory is becoming stronger and stronger. Now, the factory has become an integrated multi-divisional enterprise, mainly dealing with the jute spinning, sisal products, domestic and overseas trade, and giving attention to the service industry.
Xiang Nan Jute &Sisal Products Ltd.is one of the members (China Branch) of the international jute organization and a bright star enterprise in jute trade in China. In 2006, it was chosen as the outstanding company through public appraisal. And then it gained the title of
AAA superfine credit enterprise was elected as the deputy director of the Jute Association in China and the chief seat of the Jute Professional Committee of China Jute Association. The factory held the national conference of the Jute Professional Committee of China Jute Association in 2003 and in 2008 successfully. The three products series of xiangchen Brand, including jute sack, jute cloth and jute thread, were nominated famous products in China jute textile industry by China Jute Association, and were chosen as the high grade products by Hunan province and the Ministry of Textile Industry of the Peoples Republic of China. The factory has the autonomy over export and import trade and operation. As environmental protection products, they are widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture, national defense, and environmental protection, exporting to Japan, America, Mid-east, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and districts.
It is the factory
s persuasion that measures overweigh knottiness. The Longnv hot spring Ltd. ,which is a inter trade branch, was set up by the factory ,mainly engaging in such service as vocational villa, vocational cabaret, natatorium suitable for the whole year, diversified spring pool, massage pool, pool for entertains, spring drift and spring recuperation so on . At the same time, it manages the affairs of meetings, dining and hostelling, which in very popular among the visitors. Therefore, it is no doubt that it is a place integrated with tour, vocation, business, entertainment and health keeping so on. With the constant efforts, the factory has achieved fast development and is becoming more powerful in completing in marketing. For that, the factory has invested in a multinational in Bengal for manufacturing jute products.
To express appreciation to the society all circles
,who give support,  help and concern to our company , we have been seeking superiority, Serving the customer, returning for the society to provide much better products and excellent service for the customer and the society. We warmly 
welcome people in all circles both at home and abroad to come to pay a visit and express your valuable views.

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